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Forbidden Conversations

Forbidden Conversations

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Forbidden Conversations is the ultimate guide for men who want to tap into their seductive power and learn how to make the women they desire obsessed with them.

In these exclusive recordings you get immediate access to 20+ audio recordings including phone calls, lectures and live in field conversations.

    You will find questions inside that are designed to help you build comfort, establish a deep connection and evolve your skills in conversation. Hear how questions are delivered by The Worlds Most Powerful Seduction Artist, AZD, how he runs the room and how he establishes the frame of each question with his delivery.

    Seduction is a game of psychology and it is within the reach of anyone to become a master of this game. These recordings unveil how anyone, including you, can tap into their latent seductive qualities to fulfill their deepest desires.
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    What's Inside?

    • 20+ in field recordings
    • How to entice her emotions
    • How to escalate phone calls
    • How to lead a conversation
    • How to bring up sex in conversation
    • How to get phone numbers and Instagrams
    • How to seduce through imaginative conversation
    • How to explore taboo topics that stimulate her mind
    • How to escalate her attraction for you
    • A series of questions you can use to establish deep comfort & deep connection
    • Over 2hrs of behind the scenes audio

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    Refund Policy?

    We offer a 30 day refund policy if you are not 100% satisfied.

    Is This An Ebook?

    No, Mastering The Art Of Seduction is much more valuable than any ebook. This product is unique in the way that it's a series of real life conversations and phone calls. The seduction(s) taking place in these recordings can't be found anywhere else.