The lifestyle solutions in IMC University of IMC Nation are especially appealing to people who see the value of an integrated mentality and philosophy about relationships, business, and spirituality. Who you decide to be in a relationship with is among the biggest decisions in life. But relationships are probably the most misunderstood aspect of how to successfully live. Masculinity is more suppressed than ever and many “rules of the game” between men and women are hidden from us. Hence, our emphasis on the stages of courtship and relationships. 

The founder AZD (Arash Zepar Dibazar) is  known for his unparalleled understanding and expression of male-female code in relationships  He lives with three of his top students in Las Vegas, Nevada at a place called IMC Base ONE. AZD teaches Godlike confidence, ambition second to none, laser-like focus, a code of ethics that you won’t break for anyone, and the communication skills to bring about whatever you set your mind to.